Hospital Profile
RKCC is situated at door number 7, American Mission Church Road, Dindigul - 624 003, in the heart of Dindigul town in a area of 16,000 SQ Feet. It is at a distance of 250 meters from the Dindigul central bus stand. It is well connected by road, and rail.

The Hospital was started in the year 2011, with 6 beds and it has grown over the years to its present size of 40 beds. It has an five-bedded ICU, 4-bedded Post-Operative Unit, State-of-the Art Operation Theatre, State-of-the Art Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, a 4-bedded Angio Unit, Deluxe and Semi deluxe rooms and all requisite infrastructural facilities to support both the outpatient and in-patient services. The average outpatient attendance is over 100 per day while the average admission per month is 250.

The Intensive Care Unit beds are well equipped with a multi-parameter monitor which is connected to a central station. The ICU is adequately equipped with 3 ventilators, 2 defibrillator, external pacemaker, infusion and syringe pumps, facilities for bedside monitoring, bedside X-Rays and other interventions. A team of cardiologist and intensivists manage the ICU.

X-Ray Lab & Biochemical and Pathological laboratory with auto analyser, Medicine support desk, Tread Mill, and Nurses resting station in the underground floor, 2 Deluxe rooms, 5 ICU beds, Computerised 12 channel ECG, 2D and Color Doppler Echocardiogram , and outpatient services in the ground floor, Catheterization Laboratory, pre-operative, post-operative wards, and 12 beds in first floor, and 18 beds in second floor. Spacious AC and Non AC rooms with attached bathroom, television and intercom facilities are available.

The permanent residential medical staff of the Hospital includes chief cardiologist, who is a post doctoral consultant. Nearly 10 visiting consultants in various specialities lend adequate support to make it a truly multi-specialty hospital.


  • Our R.K CARDIACARE CENTRE provides total Cardiacare to its Patients with Trained and Dedicated Professional staffs at Affordable cost
  • All patients receive the identical care at our Hospitals.


    To Deliver the Best Patient care with passion and Empathy to make “SAVE THE HEART HAPPIER THE LIFE WILL BE”.


    To be a Caring Hospital Trusted by Patients and Staff Renowned for Clinical Excellence of “HEALTHY HEART -2025”